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e-books. Website for Articles about Textile Industry, PDF Books, Study Materials,e-books. Category:Cotton Category:Textiles industry in India Category:History of Bengal Category:Textile industry in IndiaQ: Unable to extract the text in an HTML tag using regular expression in python I have a HTML file with following contents text here I am trying to extract the string which is in between tags and in the 2nd line, I would like to extract the text which is in between tags and then after "text here" I would like to extract the string before and after tags. I am using following python script to extract the string. import re import urllib2 def getYouTubeText(url): opener = urllib2.build_opener() try: return'UTF-8') except urllib2.URLError, e: print "problem fetching url: %s" % e raise def youtube_extract(fname, pattern, replace = ''): s = getYouTubeText(fname) match =, s, re.MULTILINE)




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