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Trim & Embellishment Workshop


"All good hats are made out of nothing" Oscar Wilde

Having learned to block a felt or straw hat, the next challenge for many people is navigating the finishing and decoration work.


Hats are trimmed and embellished in many different ways to suit the wearer’s particular wardrobe and event needs. Will the hat be a frequent wear hat which wants a simple stylish trim so as not to call too much attention to itself, or is the hat to be more elaborately trimmed for an event or costume thereby encouraging more visibility and expression for the wearer.


In this workshop you will learn techniques to manage sashes, bows and ties using fabrics and ribbons - silk dupioni, organza and chiffon to name a few. You will learn ways to manage millinery veiling and horsehair. You will work with millinery flowers, leaves and feathers. We will discuss artistic line and proportion and the many possible aesthetic considerations for trims throughout the workshop.


You will learn to make vintage inspired and contemporary embellishments using “scraps” or “remainders” of felt, straw and fabrics. Make bows and ties, leaves, nuts, pods and feathers. Learn to wire these trims for expert control of line and shape. 


Please plan to bring several hats that are completed and ready for trimming – meaning the blocked hats have brims finished and the head size ribbons are sewn in. Most work will be hand sewn with some light use of sewing machines. You decide how fast you work and how much you can complete. Wayne always does his best to ensure everyone leaves with professional looking hats they will enjoy wearing. There will be untrimmed hats on hand to purchase or experiment with. Please email Wayne if you have questions.

Please check back for schedule updates - Ballard Millinery Studio, Seattle, WA

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