"For those who are used to buying commercially made hats off the rack, Wayne Wichern’s tasteful but sometimes startling designs may be a revelation, all of his hats bear the mark of a professional craftsman determined to make each creation a unique personal statement"

A. J. Mell,  Seattle Weekly

Hours by appointment - Please email or call us for an appointment to shop our ready to wear hats in our showroom or to have hats made for your particular needs. We are frequently working in the studio but it is best to arrange an appointment in advance. We look forward to working with you. 

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Articles & Videos

Wayne Wichern Millinery - Celebrating 36 Years

Blocking felt hat with steam and vintage wood hat block
Creating the recess on the top of the felt hat
Sewing head size ribbon and designer's label into felt hat

Wayne Wichern - Portrait of a Milliner

An artist profile film by Tracy Martin