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Felt & Straw Blocking Workshopin Burlingame, CA  

  Felt/Straw Blocking Workshop in Seattle, WA  


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Milliner's knot for blocking cords

Best results using a double twist nylon or synthetic cord. Drapery cord is usually available in fabric or hardware stores. Suggested blocking cord: (Nylon Double Twist) http://www.rei.com/product/799630


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 Millinery Suppliers:




  • The Making of a Milliner: Hat-Making Projects – Jenny Pfanenstiel – ISBN 0486793478
  • McCalls Patterns- Jenny Pfanenstiel - Forme Millinery - http://mccallpattern.mccall.com/form---millinery-pages-5939.php
  • Hats - Sarah Cant - ISBN-10 0312656866 (published- January 2011 - an excellent book for beginning millinery)
  • Hats on Heads – Mildred Anlezark - ISBN 0-86417-303-2 (out of print)
  • Classic Millinery Techniques - Ann Albrizio - ISBN 1-57990-016-X
  • Basic Millinery for the Stage - Tim Dial - ISBN 978-0325003368
  • The Hat Book – Juliet Bawden - ISBN 0-937274-73-9
  • Saturday Night Hat – Eugenia Kim - ISBN 978-0307337948
  • From The Neck Up – Denise Dreher - ISBN 0-941082-00-8

Millinery Suppliers (International):


Hat Boxes:

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Hat Blocks: 

I have created 3 Ebay searches which help to isolate hat blocks. I recommend checking all 3 search links as each search will bring up different results.

(Sorry you will have to wade through many cap vendors because there are too many to exclude from the search

Active Ebay Hat Blocks Listings

Alternative word searches:

#1 Ebay Hat Block Search

#2 Ebay Hat Form Search

#3 Ebay Hat Mold Search

My Hat Block Blog: www.hatblockresource.com For resources and information about hat blocks.

Hat Stands and Trees:

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